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For a Unique and Unforgettable Experience, consider a stay at Sitka's Rockwell Lighthouse! An island home featured on several well known unique and unusual homes TV shows, the Rockwell Lighthouse offers stunning views and incredible wildlife experiences.  Serving Alaska visitors with incredible stays for over 25 years! See what our guests say at Trip Advisor.  Click here to read!.

Located just a short 15 minutes boat ride from Sitka, the Rockwell Lighthouse is a fully-furnished vacation rental and has operated as an official navigational aid since 1985. 

The Sitka Rockwell Lighthouse has four levels, with the living, dining, kitchen and bath on the first, as well as a walk-around deck.

One bedroom with a queen bed and a bath is on the second floor, an extra-long twin bunk bed set on the third and a fourth, which is the cupola offering stunning views of surrounding islands and incredible sunsets. Imagine relaxing here in the evening, a glass of wine in-hand and taking in the sun as it kisses the top of Mt. Edgecumbe, Sitka's well known volcano.

32 inch Widescreen HD TV (movies only), and limited (slow) Wireless Internet.

About the Rockwell Lighthouse

  • Levels 4
  • Bedrooms 2,
  • Windows, lots.
  • Sleeping, 1 queen bed in private room,
  • 1 set xtra long bunk beds
  • 2 Queen hideabeds
  • Bathrooms 2, showers 1
  • Full kitchen with all amenities
  • Small efficientcy washer/dryer
  • Walk-around deck
  • Daily boat trips into town (except in the winter)
  • Firepit that doubles as a charcoal grill

Things to do at Rockwell Ligthouse

  • Relax, fish, explore tidepools
  • Watch Eagles, Ravens
  • Ocassional Visitors, whales, sea lions, otter
  • Go into Sitka daily, and;
  • Visit historical Russian sites
  • Visit Fortress of the Bear and the Raptor Center
  • Go hiking on the many many trails
  • Go kayaking, fishing, for halibut/salmon
    • Of course, you could also,
  • Listen to music,
  • Watch TV (bring your own dvd)
Things you should bring.. yourself, your best buds, the family. Food, Charcoal, binoculars, rubber boots

Things you SHOULD NOT bring; expectation of silk sheets, glass chandeliers, high-end furnishings. This is an operational lighthouse and as such has seen a lot of use. Bedding and bath furnishings are kept upgraded, but due to the challenges of transporting appliances and furniture off the island, things are used until they wear out. The owner strives to make it as comfortable as possible, but being on an island, comforts available are limited, (limited internet and no cable tv or satellite tv due to the surrounding mountains). Windows have some spray damage, so you they may not be as clear as what we would like. We'd replace them, but within a couple months, they'd be the same. In the winter storms do a number on them. That's living on an island. Decks when wet are slippery. Like any Alaskan, you need to have boots on when you go out on a wet deck. 

If you can deal with not so new furnishings, a TV that you can only watch dvds on and limited internet, inbetween watching eagles swoop low to catch their fish of the day and whales blowing and waving as they pass by, and otters rolling and tumbling just feet away from your deck. We'd love to have you.